White Retro Wedding Table Setting


  1. We already have a photographer/videographer. Why do we need you?
  2. We are not a substitute for a photographer/videographer. Instead, we offer services that provide additional photos and videos that you may receive the very same day of your wedding, unlike having to wait weeks for your professional photos to arrive. Our aim is to use these photos and videos to curate content for your social media channels so you have your own content to post from your wedding. Essentially, you will have two personal paparazzi's documenting every part of the wedding. Our most important aspect is that we will not get in the way of your photographer/videographer and they will have the priority. We ask that we may acquaint ourselves with your vendors for this reason.
  3. Why do you schedule calls approximately one month prior to your wedding?
  4. We are hoping that you have the majority of your itinerary completed so it gives us a better picture of your day and where we are supposed to capture the most essential shots.
  5. What if we find more trends or videos we would like to create after our call?
  6. No problem! You may send us videos or pictures you want to create to our email or social media account (@theweddingcontentcompany) and we will let you know what content we are able to produce.

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