What to expect

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

When working with us, you may choose to hire us for the events leading up to the wedding (ex. bridal shower, mehndi celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette party) or just for the day of the wedding itself!

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We know your wedding is a busy time in your lives so we want to make sure this process is as stress-free and convenient as possible!

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Choose the package that you think suits you best and contact us by: submitting the form on our Contact Us page, or via phone/email!

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We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a brief call to allow you to learn more about our services and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to proceed with us, you will pay the deposit, sign the contract at this stage, and also submit your form together.

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One month prior to your wedding, we will meet once more to discuss all the details such as: specific shots you request, trends you want to participate in, songs you want to include, key vendors, arrival times, etc


Information that may be asked of you during the 3rd step call:

  • Review of your intake form
  • Rough idea of timeline/itinerary of the wedding day or event covered
  • Key vendors (ie. photographers, videographers)
  • Songs you may want to create content to, trends, transitions, etc
  • A review of your inspiration pictures/videos, if applicable
  • Arrival time(s) for wedding day and other events

*Calls are preferably done over Zoom but can be done on other platforms

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